Early years

Initiated as a joint project between The Southern Initiative, Auckland Council and the Auckland Co-Design Lab the early years challenge is exploring how we can improve outcomes for young children, families and whānau in South Auckland.

The team taking a whānau centric approach to co-design that not only helps us understand the lived realities of parenting but also puts their participation at the heart of the work. Working together we are empowering families and whānau to create innovative ideas that build on local strengths.

This is supported by a focus existing evidence and research, included a collaboration with Growing up in New Zealand to access the South Auckland cohort data from their longitudinal study.

We are also working closely with a range of partners and stakeholders and are grateful for the advice and support provided by the SKIP team based in MSD.

The team

  • Angie Tangaere - Southern Initiative, Auckland Council
  • Tammy Potini  - Healthy Families
  • Karen Clifford - Auckland Co-design Lab
  • Peter Harrison - design coach
  • Leone Murphy - design coach
  • Maraea Teepa - SKIP, MSD
  • Josie Wilson - SKIP, MSD
  • Alastair Child - Auckland Co-Design Lab

The above team is complemented and supported by:

  • Tom Ah Fook - Auckland Co-Design Lab
  • Michelle Wilson - Southern Initiative, Auckland Council
  • David Rameka - Community Empowerment, Auckland Council

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Report and resources

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