Provided below are a selection of tools and resources the Lab team have developed. Feel free to download, share and use for your own work. They are provided under a creative commons attribution and share-alike licence. They are all provided in print format and can be used interchangeably. 

Conditions & Behaviours of Co-Design illustration

Capability framework and tools

Framework and tools
Co-design capability and conditions framework booklet
Capability framework worksheet
Capability framework discussion prompt cards - use these cards to explore and map current practice in a non-judgmental way

Ethics - prompts to explore
Ethical questions for design work - key questions to explore before and during project work

Tools to support practice changes
As is to be cards - use to explore current and future states
Things we need to do this work - (coming soon)
Action trigger cards - use to identify the next steps for change
Practice shifts card - illustrates changes in practice and mindsets


Design tools

Stakeholder mapping tool
Problem trees
Prototyping planning tool
Job description tool
Outcomes/perspectives tool
Framing & enabling participation guide

Inspiration cards
How might we A4 bubble card - template for use during workshops
Ideation concept cards - use to help generate and describe something we might try
Questions cards (coming soon....)

Methods cards
How might we cards and guide - use to actively way of framing insights as opportunities
Evidence card - risk and protective factors (coming soon) - demonstrates using existing evidence as prompts, opportunities and challenges for creative responses
Capability and mindset cards - use to explore what will be important for your practice