How we work

Our main focus is on applying co-design principles we use a range of innovation tools and approaches that enables people to take a human centred rather than a service centred approach.

The aim is to embrace ambiguity, explore the issues with a fresh mindset to help focus on the right questions and challenge our assumptions.

Using a users’ (or citizens) perspective we explore many ideas that we prototype and test rather than jumping to solutions. The aim is to fail fast and early to create a more relevant and durable solutions.

 Conditions & Behaviours of Co-Design illustration

Our criteria

While we believe that a co-design approach can be a great help, it does not mean it's always the right approach. When discussing potential projects with our partners we have two sets of criteria to guided our conversations. Firstly what is the nature of the problem we are trying to solve and secondly, what is it that they will offer that can help the project to be a success.

The majority of our work focuses on tackling complex problems that involve multiple stakeholders. We also aim to focus on projects where there is an appetite and scope for radical or transformational, rather than incremental, change. 

 Challenge Criteria and Team/Partner Criteria illustrations