How we work

Our key aim is to work with partners to apply co-design principles and a systems lens to complex social issues. Important aspects of our approach include adopting a strengths based mindset, building new capabilities and creating reciprocal relationships with the people we work with.

Our work with local and central government and communities focuses on four main areas:

  • Developing and delivering co-design projects
  • Growing co-design capability through workshops and coaching
  • Providing advice about co-design practice and the conditions for success
  • Sharing our learning about public sector labs and innovation teams

If you are interested in working with the Co-design Lab let us know by emailing us at

 Conditions & Behaviours of Co-Design illustration

Creating the conditions for success

While we believe that a co-design approach can be useful for lots of different work it does not mean it's always the right approach. As a guide for discussing potential projects we have two sets of criteria to guided our conversations. Firstly what is the nature of the problem we are trying to solve and secondly, what mindsets and conditions do they bring that will help the work to be a success and lead to meaningful change.

 Challenge Criteria and Team/Partner Criteria illustrations