Provided below are a selection of tools and resources the Lab team have developed. Feel free to download, share and use for your own work. They are provided under a creative commons attribution and share-alike licence. They are all provided in print format and can be used interchangeably. 


Policy by Design Symposium

Symposium introduction - Penny Hagen
Conditions and mindsets -  Ingrid Burkett
Enablers for change - Emma Blomkamp

Case study report
Policy by Design - 7 cases studies from Aotearoa NZ

Post symposium blogs by
Penny Hagen - Summary reflections and takeaways
Emma Blomkamp - Policy by Design,  reflections on the Auckland Symposium

Resources, tools and methods
Policy by Design - value map
Challenge question cards
Qualities of design poster
Action trigger cards
Challenge cards
Methods in action cards

Bus stop sessions
1. Six ways to bring community staff and political voices into policy development - Rebekah Forman, Auckland Council

2. The UpSouth Platform: engaging with young people through creativity, commerce and call ups - Ayla Hoeta, The Southern Initiative

3. Applying the Policy Capability Framework to improve future policy performance - Diane Owenga, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

4. Applying co-design principles to your work, a practical canvas to support more participatory practice Dr Emma Blomkamp, Policy Lab Melbourne

5. Engaging with complexity at a system and human level: a visual tool to create empathy and make complex issues accessible - Jim Scully, Think Place

6. Using Theory of Change to power up prototyping for policy - Dr Ingrid Burkett, The Australian Center for Social Innovation

7. Mapping conditions for participation – a tool for team diagnosis and capability building - Alastair Child, Auckland Co-design Lab

Case studies and a summary report will be uploaded soon.

Conditions & Behaviours of Co-Design illustration

Capability framework and tools

Framework and tools
Co-design capability and conditions framework booklet
Capability framework worksheet
Capability framework discussion prompt cards - use these cards to explore and map current practice in a non-judgmental way

Ethics - prompts to explore
Ethical questions for design work - key questions to explore before and during project work

Tools to support practice changes
As is to be cards - use to explore current and future states
Things we need to do this work - (coming soon)
Action trigger cards - use to identify the next steps for change
Practice shifts card - illustrates changes in practice and mindsets


Interview with Penny Hagen, Co-design Lead, The Co-design Lab. Penny talks about the ethical challenges of co-design and participatory design practice, and the things we need to consider particularly in the context of Aotearoa New Zealand.
Interview with Angie Tangaere, Social Entrepreneur, The Southern Initiative. Angie talks about what Whānau-centric design is, and the challenges and joys of this approach to co-design.

Design tools

Stakeholder mapping tool
Problem trees
Prototyping planning tool
Job description tool
Outcomes/perspectives tool
Framing & enabling participation guide

Inspiration cards
How might we A4 bubble card - template for use during workshops
Ideation concept cards - use to help generate and describe something we might try
Questions cards (coming soon....)

Methods cards
How might we cards and guide - use to actively way of framing insights as opportunities
Evidence card - risk and protective factors (coming soon) - demonstrates using existing evidence as prompts, opportunities and challenges for creative responses
Capability and mindset cards - use to explore what will be important for your practice